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This is my first PCB I made recently (August 2013). I designed the circuit using Proteus(tm) software and etched the board with traditional(!) ironing method.
some electronics guys said I had chosen the tracks too narrow and the circuit components too sparse! I will correct it in next projects.


nodoubtman (author)2014-02-27

After the iron,under the copper it's all black, is it possible that my
iron is too hot, the iron settings is before steam. What do you suggest?
thank you!|

jman 31 (author)2013-09-27

Did it work? Well then don't worry about what they said! You will get better as you make circuits and learn how to pack a lot into a small area. It's good to see that you are having fun with it and are successfully making circuits! Keep up the good work.


misaq2 (author)jman 312013-09-28

I think a problem in the above circuit was that I didn't mirror it before etching, isn't it?

Raphango (author)misaq22013-10-09

I had some problems caused by lack of mirroring. (With a 555 timer).
I really recommend you mirror the circuit, and pay attention to the pinouts of each component.
This could save you a lot of headache.
One last reccomendation: Use a multimeter to check the tracks continuity. Big tip! ;)

jman 31 (author)misaq22013-09-28

could be, but if so, just remove the transistors and solder them on the other side of the board. That will reverse the two legs and should make them right. All of the other components shouldn't matter if it is mirrored. Also, make sure that the flat part of the LED is facing away from your positive battery lead and traces, towards ground.

misaq2 (author)jman 312013-09-28

Thanks for your comment.
In fact, the circuit didn't blink as I'd expect. choosing right resistors is a nightmare for me! Also I think I should have mirrored the circuit before printing on the copper board.

Raphango (author)2013-10-09

Good work! Getting the components a little more near each other may give you some extra space for other components.


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