My First Steampunk Project...ever. the Roanoke V.1





Introduction: My First Steampunk Project...ever. the Roanoke V.1

This is the first Steampunk item I've ever made. Mostly made of plasic with a few metal part found from lots of random items. It's kinda like a pocket watch without a chain... or arms, sorry I broke The list of objects used will be on the last slide.

Re: Here is the Roanoke

Step 1:

This  is just a frontward view. Check out the captions for more information.

Step 2:

Again just feel free to check out the captions.

Step 3:

This is the back side of the watch.

Supplies used-
- Broken Headphones
    -Used for the back and front piece, and the wrap around wire.
-A small wall clock
    -Used for all the metal on the outside, except the pump screw on the side.
-A broken keyboard
    -Used for the screws
-A broken wrist watch
    -Used the guts for the face of the watch
-A large washer
    -Used on the inside (for weight) 

Thanks for viewing please tell me what you think but



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    I recognize those cogs - They're probably off of an old clock that swings out of it's case into a triangle. (I can't describe it very well.)
    Win Guy

    could you explain to me how you made this, it looks really cool?

    This looks like a good larp prop.
    I have no idea what that gizmo is, but thinking about what it could be is much fun!


    This looks really cool, good job. The only thing I would change is to tarnish the copper some so it matches the rest of the piece.

    sorry but how would yo do that. I'm new to all this metal work so yeah.

    hand it over an ammonia bath, cover it 4 a day, and let the fumes do the work, than, to get a really nice look, polish or sand it and repeat

    Good photos, nice looking thing. It would work better as a slideshow as this is a made item rather than a how-to.


    This is a nice little project, plastic gears and pieces can look great given the right paint job. I like the overall feel.

    Perhaps adding some hands, or a little read out display might give it a kind of focal point.

    Also, next time, when you have a project where you are showing what you have completed, it tends to work nicer if you use the slideshow feature, which is designed to show off the project in a much suited way.

    Otherwise, keep it up! your well on the track to becoming a steampunk pro!