My First Attempt at a Knife!





Introduction: My First Attempt at a Knife!

This is my first knife, I made it out of a circular saw blade. I just made it today with my dads help, he mostly just cut out the basic shape. Right after I sanded down the whole thing so it was silky smooth (It was sooooo , so smooth!) Then I filed down the back and finished out the shape. I then wrapped the handle with an under layer of some string I found, above that I wrapped it with gutted black paracord( I got the wrap form this instructable: After that I took it to the bench grinder, that didn't turn out so well, as you can see on the most shiny part. I was hoping for a nice clean line to mark where the blade starts to form, like you see on professionally made knives, instead I got a wavy uneven one. And I finally sharpened it. 

Gutted Paracord
Some string I found
An old circular saw blade
Super Glue
Angle Grinder
Bench Grinder
An assortment of files
An assortment of sandpaper
Bench Vice

That just about sums it up I think.
PS: This is my first instructable, so any comments are appreciated!

Thanks and toodles!



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    nice, but i see one major flaw in the design. you put a serrated edge on the back, which means that there is no place to put your thumb when cutting something. this drastically reduces the practical uses of the knife. sure the serrations are good for cutting paracord, but i have found that the best design is a simple straight edge, razor sharp. not too be mean, just some advice for next time.

    I'm curious as to how you punched/cut the knife out of the saw blade. I have an old one that I saved from the garbage in my metals class. I would use a plasma cutter, however I am afraid that this might ruin the high-temper which I know saw blades have. If you could help me out that would be much appreciated :)

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    I used an Angle grinder to cut it out. I have a more in depth instructable here.

    No, this was made the same way as my other knife was.

    I've seen narrow belt sanders used as well as just lots of hand filing. There are probaly as many ways to sharpen a knife blank as there are knife makers

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    Filing takes a LONG time with good steel, I might have to try the belt sanders though. Thanks!

    It takes practice to get those perfect lines (and sometimes a jig) a bench grinder isn't really the first choice of knife makers but it will get the job done... welcome to the insanity of being an instructables poster !

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    I might have to make a jig sometime, do you know what else they would use? Perhaps a belt sander.

    My second instructable will be up soon! It's a step-by-step for a kitchen knife!

    for a first attempt, it is definitely better than what i could do.

    Nicely done, would love to see more process pictures. However, I also know that getting that first instructable under your belt is a big accomplishment, so way to go!!

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    Yeah, sorry about that :/ I just decided to post an instructable after I finished making it. I will definitely take more pictures when I make my next one!

    Oh heavens, don't be sorry! It happens to the best of us! I think it's great that you posted, I think that is the first step in an instructables addiction....eerr wait. ;) Seriously this turned out fantastic and I look forward to seeing what else you come up with!