My First Crochet Project


Introduction: My First Crochet Project

I taught myself how to crochet using books with diagrams and Youtube videos. My first project was a simple blanket I made for my daughter. It's just row after row of double crochet with no border using Red Heart yarn and a size N/9mm hook.

I began my learning on March 5, 2008. To date, I have made several swatches and 4 blankets, currently working on my first Granny Square blanket.



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    Coolness. I have been crocheting since I was a little kid. My grandmother taught me. It is great that there is a more and more people getting into this. I tried knitting but am so lousy. Have fun. Check out Amigurumi. They are fun, forgiving and actually easier than they look, single crochet stitch only! Keep hooking - Crochet of course!