Hello! This is my first custom RCT3 park made in ''sandbox mode''
It's called me gusta because I couldn't think of a better name, and I like the park

The park has 2 main theme area's: Ghost World and Gold City.
Ghost world is creepy, with witches, skulls, graves etc. And houses the ''Banshee'', an 97 metre high, more than 2 kilometre long giga coaster. And the ''doom drifter'', an short, but very intense drifting coaster. New here is the ''death race'', an 70 metre high coaster with an ''thrill lift''. It also houses ''insane'' and some sort of swing
Gold City is an wild west town, with cactusses, dead trees and lots of sand. It houses the ''widow maker'' and wooden rollercoaster with watersplash, the ''gold city mines'' an minetrain coaster wich is mostly underground. The ''gold city wheel'', this is an ferris wheel and the ''doomshaft'', an abandoned mineshaft-lift drop thingy. It also features an marktet with shops for food etc.

It also has an small ''safari zone'' with the expedition epic, dino land with the stormer and some other small theme area's

The park is fairly large, I'm currently in year 11, with over 3000 guests at the moment

Tell me what you think!

Pictures of new rides coming soon

looks great! <br>
Thanks! Haven't played this game in a while :(
Awesome! I've got this game too.
Thanks! Jah, it is an cool game
How do you make the roller coaster go underground?
For some reason, that's only possible if you have the ''wild'' or ''soaked'' expension packs. I got those free from an friend, he downloaded them
I don't have any of those extension packs :(
=(<br>If you want them, I can PM you an file with those expension packs, if you want them, I give you further info via PM
But how would you send me the extension packs?
If you PM me your e-mail adress, I can send you the file (it's one file, but you need virtualclonedrive) and you can install it, and you have the expension packs+the original name
What is virtualclonedrive?
It;s an little program for your pc, that mimmicks an cd, so you can run downloaded games. If I can send you the file, you just download VCD, and then open the file ( right click, mount with VCD) and it installs, I'll send you an read-me with it if you want
Thanks! New pictures coming now :D

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