My First Face Paint





Introduction: My First Face Paint

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Step 1: The First Step

Cover your face lightly in white face paint.

Step 2: Strips

Then using a pink blush I started making strips.

Step 3: Outline

Outline your pink strips with a darker pink.

Step 4: Add Purple

Add some purple on your eyelids and around the pink strips.

Step 5: Drawing in Your Mouth

Using a black eyeliner I outlined the basic shape of the nose and mouth I wanted.

Step 6: Fill in With Black

Then just fill it in with black face paint.

Step 7: Add Some Detail

Add some detail around the mouth, like a under lip line and some 'laugh' lines. Also some whisker dots above the lip.

Step 8: Neck and Chest

Paint your neck and chest lightly white.

Step 9: Add Strips

Add the pink strips and purple like you did on the face.

Step 10: TEETH

And the teeth, and shade around the mouth.

Step 11: DONE

All done.



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    Your makeup is awesome. It really is a mix of scary and attractive. I say you need to make more lol. And to the person who said the picture should be lower. Instructables is not a porn site.

    1 reply

    Thank you so much! I'm defiantly going to be making more!

    Also, thank you so much for sticking up for me with that person inapropriate comment.

    Wow. How long does it take you to do? It it comfortable to wear face paint for an extended period of time (say 5 hours or so)? What do you use to wash it off? Do you need more than soap and water?

    1 reply

    This one only took about an hour, it's pretty simple. Yes, the makeup should stay, but to make sure it does I recommend a face priming lotion before applying. IF you wish to REALLY make sure it stays use a makeup 'setting' spray as well. When washing it off water should work just fine, you could also get face cleansing whips to make the removal easier.

    A most excellent video, coupled with the step by step. supreme! Hope to see more stuff from u. I'm a halloween freak, so u know what I want .

    1 reply

    I officially love u now, I don't have to try and copy the video because u have stills of all the crucial steps provided, mwaaa

    1 reply

    Inventive, creative and I am so impressed. BIG Thanks for sharing this with everyone. The music choice was good: bubble-like while the visual wasn't.

    Ah so cool! I'm looking forward to the nightmares tonight

    1 reply

    I love it. I want ot see you walking around in public with it, or maybe something a little more subtle, and then just watch all of the double takes.

    1 reply

    Haha Walking around in public is a good idea.

    Haha. Oh my friends and co-workers love me around that time. I'm there 'go to' for getting ready for any halloween fun.

    LOL, I can't wait to see what you come up with this year!