My First Knex Ballmachine Delfino



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Introduction: My First Knex Ballmachine Delfino

About: hi i am jordi from the netherlands i am 14 years old i like to build with knex :ballmachines and guns and coasters and other funy stuff from knex thanks to sorunome for 100th comment, 150 shadowman39

this is my  firs knex ballmachine delfino I hope you like it start 13 januari 2012 finished 5 april 2012


1: modified stepper lift
2: chain lift
3: arm lift
4: wheel lift

link to video:

sorry for the bad quality video it is my firs youtube video



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    Moooi gemaakt! Erg goed voor je eerste! Tenminste beter dan mijn eerste:)
    Ik ben benieuwd naar je volgende.

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    bedankt ik laat wel fotos zien de nieuwe is groot ik heb nieuwe stukjes gekocht daarom kon hij groter worden

    Nice one! Maybe you could have done filming/editing a bit better, but it's still cool! ;)

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    thanks i am not good with movie maker

    Try some other program, movie maker is one of the worst video editors made ever :P

    Try googeling for freeware for windows, I don't know any as I use linux, sorry.
    And if you don't find one then maybe look at some movie maker tutorial as you still have many possibilities with it. The most important availability is to cut vids (and IMO text which you can do already).

    thanks ut i can't make an video i make a new ballmachine

    that's better anyways :)

    i make the update now for the machine :)

    thanks i have super mario sunshine