Step 8: Building Plans

Puzzle Box Plans
Here I will Be posting plans to build puzzle boxes.

If there're people who will settle with some plans fo simple puzzle boxes(at least 5+ moves) I will make some plans. Note I wont make these puzzle boxes my self, so it could be there are some mistakes.

If there enough people that want the plans of my first puzzle box I'll make them and add them here. But the movement isn't so nice and smooth because of the piece in the picture.
Because I can't glue the pieces to the round pins, cause if I do so the design won't work anymore.

Oke here are the plans for a simple puzzle box (15 moves with FL option1):
SP1 (easy-share):http://www.easy-share.com/1912190061/Simple puzzle box plans.pdf
SP1 (megaupload):http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZNQH66HM
If there is something you don't understand, please first read the rest of my instructable and if you still don't get it just ask my.

Puzzle box building plans "turn and slide" (30 move, can easily be upgrade to 60 move):
http://www.easy-share.com/1912491916/turn and slide building plans.pdf
google sketchup model:
I'll explain how to modify it in "innovative tricks" when I've time.
i'm currently making a 40+ move box with sliders on all six sides, and it's about 4 1/2 inches square. Oh and i'm making it up as i go along.<br>I like your ideas for keyways....mine are a bit different for yours, i find other people's interpretations of everything very interesting.
<p>Did you ever post a video of your puzzle cube?</p>
Wow. Can't wait to see the finished box and see it in action. <br>
lol on youtube i saw one that has over 300 steps to open!!!
Yeah I know, I've seen it as well (324 moves). It uses metal parts to make it strong enough if I'm correct and all 6 panels could move. If you'll be able to design something like that there almost isn't a thing you can't design :)
Ah yes. The super cubi. i know where to order one, if anybody'd care to get one. I don't feel like paying hundreds for it, it is amazing though.
Cool i'm looking forward how it turns out!!! greets Brandon 5 stars for me :P

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