My Floppy Disk Table Cover (contest Entry)


Introduction: My Floppy Disk Table Cover (contest Entry)

based off of this 'ible
Uses 104 floppy disks (13x9) and *I think* about 408 zip ties.



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    Why did you decide to do that side of the floppy disk? It's striking. I never want to throw anything away, how nice for my computers room.

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    3 years too late... because half my floppys had labels stuck to them from an office... Didn't really care too much about someone elses old files :D

    As of now this hangs as "artwork" on the wall (I moved desks) :) looks pretty cool

    Cool idea! I do agree, I would add some glass or plexiglass over it. You might be able to find some on Craigslist.

    That's a really nice idea! Have you considered to lay a glass plate on top so that you get a smooth surface?

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    not really, I dont have access to anything that big :( For soldering I just put the piece of cork board (bottom left on third image) and it is pretty stable. Thanks for the comment!