Introduction: My Girl As an Egg

So next project, this time a little present for Easter

Step 1: Getting the Shape

I used a photo and imported it to Microsoft word and edited the picture until i got as far as i only have the shape of her face.

Step 2: Getting the Outlines

So after I had the shape i drew it with an marker on the ostrich egg an started to drill out with my dremel the contour, to be honest i tried with 3 eggs, to of them broke by trying to drill them. Ostrich eggs are very hard but are still not made out of Iron :)

Step 3:

So finally after I had the contours ready (after 3 attemps / 2 broken eggs) i started to drill out the filling and got the job done :)


ortega18paul made it! (author)2015-11-26

Very impression PatrickL23. Nice Work!

Patrick LASCHETTE made it! (author)Patrick LASCHETTE2015-11-27

thx took a lot of time an patience :)

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