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Introduction: My Graffiti Drawings

About: My name is Hiyadudez. I make stuff. "The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure."

These are all of my graffiti drawing that I have made for me and other people, in one of the phtots there is one that says 'aim', this is about 3.5ft X 3.5ft.

Please tell me what you think.

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they are not bad ....but im not sure how this is an instructable????

Hey bro, these were made back in '09. I know I was toy back then but you know, I had to start somewhere, just like everyone did.

The seconed to last picture looks similar to Snoop Dogg.

Well done!

No but that isn't bad,you have talent.I saw the Jimmy Hendrix drawing and after clicking on it and reading it like I should have done lol I realized it was someone else's.

I only like the Wizard and Real ones

not bad, still a toy but still not bad. dont copy stuff and post it anywhere. if your going to copy stuff dont post it just copy if your realy new and need to get the hang of doing graffiti. work on your lettering and fills majorly. check out my ible on graffiti and also look up on utube sadik1, untk krew, dare graffiti, graffiti smack, and edmun. those are some of my inspirations that i use. heres a pic of an older one cause i dont have any pics of my new drawings yet in my blackbook. and always remember only constructive cirticize and dont be like that lady. dont be hati'n. lol!!!

Picture 014.jpgi hate everyone.jpg

Dang you draw good! Epic! That is a 5 for you good sir! ;-)

The first one with the skeleton and the fur collar, that one is copied. You didn't even copy it well. And you left out one or two aspects of it.

 yea, you copied the one that says AIM.
all respect is lost...

here is my graffiti to instructables robot!

rofl. did i get a 100th comment?1

i'm a  lookin' for a pic to put up on my acount cud you pm me one & post it up here if it's good (i know it's going to b fur sure)

p.s. you're graffiti pics arent awsome they're supercalafragilistiexpialadoshous(a really long word that i know of. if you cant read it just know that it means you're better than awsome)

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mary poppins is awsome isnt it!

first i havent seen the movie or 2nd i have seen it but i forgot most of it you do know im only 13 right so i wouldnt have seen it

 YOU DO KNOW I AM 11? and I've seen it. they showed it at my primary skool in the UK, and its all about a grannie who is the magical grannie 4 2 kids until the wind changes...

I am going to be making an ible on it.