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I buy a wig at the store  cost me $5  , I buy a  black dress cost me  $5 , an d  I buy avampire teeth  for $1 at the halloweenstore   , i used some make  up i used black eyeliner  for  my eyes   and i used  red I shadow  for my eyes , an d i color my wig with some red  hairspray , my hallowen was fun  i went trick or treat  on halloween kids  says  they like my costume  was awesome  , some people got scare of my costume  , some were laughing  at me , i have alot fun that day  an dalot candy  collect that day , i like my costume  i took a lot of pictures  to share in facebook with my friends  and  family  


atorrez (author)2013-11-02

step 2

aloss1 (author)2013-11-06

i like this costume like like

aloss1 (author)2013-11-06

i lke tis costume like like 23

agomes10 (author)2013-11-05

is a good costume for halloween

mtorres31 (author)2013-11-05

i love this costume is cool is awesome i think deserve to win

ados santos1 (author)2013-11-03

is a good costume looks awesome , i think deserve to win a prize

atorres35 (author)2013-11-02

i like this costume looks awesome looks scary

atorrez1 (author)2013-11-02

nice costume looks cool

tchrochet (author)2013-11-02

cool costume , looks scary , is awesome

atorrez (author)2013-11-02

2 step my costume

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