My Handmade Version of Iron Man for My Little One So Cute!





Introduction: My Handmade Version of Iron Man for My Little One So Cute!

I made this iron man costume out of store bought rubber foam sheets . Just made the template based on the ironman picture and my sons measurements. After i made each template i glued and saw the pieces together and spray paint over it with red and gold. Even put a light on the chest something we won from an arcade place as kids prizes it lights up different colors and also the hand glove part lights up too. He has the coolest halloween costume and I'm really proud that i made it.



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    teach people to make this please

    Hello everyone. 7 years later and I'm now replying on your comments! lol. Anywho, I appreciate your praises, comments, inquiries.....I made this costume a long time ago. The only parts of this costume that is left is the head piece! Which I kept as a remembrance :-)


    omg, how adorable is that!????

    next time we're invaded by aliens, ship your little iron dude to the front - the bad guys will take one look and "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....." into puddles of goo.

    How did he manage going to the bathroom?

    So great!! I am currently working my way through a felt version glued to an old demon costume. It never occurred to me to use anything stiff and spray paint it!!