In this Instructable I will show you how to make a really awesome, but pretty easy and cheap, halloween haunted house. Each step is a portion of the haunted house.

-The first step is about the graveyard area. It includes a skeleton, two big spiders, lots of spiderwebs, ghosts, and so on.

-The next step is my version of the hologram in the window effect. It is also called the pepper's ghost illusion. There is another instructable on how to do this, but there are a few things they left out that are pretty important.

-The step after that is the front door area and the front of the house.

-The last step has ideas of things I didn't have time to incorporate into the final haunted house. I will update this step with new ideas of what I could have done and how you could do them in theory. It also includes variations on other halloween instructables and ideas I found on the internet.

I have to say that I tried not to make it too scary and that there were some things that I didn't have time to add that were more creepy and scary, but you can see those in the last step.

Step 1: Graveyard Area

This is the main area of the haunted house. It is made out of a popup/expanding canopy frame. I covered it in black plastic. I used 6 mil plastic from another project, but that kind is extremely expensive so you only have to use 1 or 2 mil plastic as long as its black, you can't see through it, and that you buy enough to go around the canopy frame. The plastic is attached to the canopy frame with duct tape. There is one large piece of the plastic that goes around two sides of the canopy frame. There is also another smaller piece taped to the big piece that is stapled to the house with a heavy duty staple gun because the duct tape wouldn't stick to the dusty house. Make sure that you leave a place for people to walk in.

If I could describe the haunted house in one word it would be spiderwebs. Lots and lots of spiderwebs. I had two big spiders with posable legs that really made it creepier.

There is a ghost hanging that is made from a white piece of fabric, a coat hanger, and a smelly latex mask that no one would ever want to wear. There is also a 10 dollar skeleton from target and a bat that is hanging from the canopy.

Last but not least there are two foam gravestones and two carved pumpkins sitting on the ground.
very nice job thank you for sharing about how to make a laughter as you get closer was wondering if i could set up carnival music to get louder and faster as you get closer to a door where the evil toys are also look up how to scare trick or treated by the naked handy man or something i keep forgetting but that can be modded with a windshield motor and that will work as a autonomous pop up the motor can swing a stick that hits the sides causing it to jump and kick around
Cool!! Nice job.

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