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Introduction: My Homemade Knife Collection

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The main image is my mini bowie knife. It is cut out of a old Nicholson circular saw blade. It has a stained poplar handle, deer leather sheath, and a brass handguard. I free formed the blade design but when it was finished, i thought it looked like a bowie knife, so i called it the "mini bowie"

The knife with the deer antler is actually my first knife i ever made. This was made in my garage. I hate to say it, but this knife holds a terrible edge, but it looks good.

The third knife is one of my best, you can shave your arm with it! The jaw bone has a crack in it, so its not very strong and just for show. The blade is also made from an old Nicholson circular saw blade.

The sharpie balisong was made from a saw blade, and well, sharpies. All credits go to the actual person who designed it on Youtube.

The mini butterfly knife is made from a hacksaw blade, 8 popsicle sticks, paperclips, hot glue, and 2 clothespins.

The next knife is actually pretty sharp, made from sheet metal and an oak log, it's actually pretty good for my 2nd knife.

The next one is my switchcomb converted to a switchblade. I took a switchcomb, took out the comb, and put a sharpened hacksaw blade in there and hammered down the surrounding metal.

My most recent knife is a full scale rambo survival knife. Its made from a file, so it has good quality steel and will hold an edge for a long time. It actually can fit a mini survival kit inside the handle.

Final Picture: all my homemade knives together



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    Is your stiletto a switchblade comb converted to a knife?

    Hey i can put up a full instructable for ya if you want

    That is why its called the "Instructables" !

    i have a bad habit of making stuff and not documenting it! im making a book of all stuff i have made and how to do it then those will be made into instructables

    nice job! you're obviously a pro! how about putting up an instructable with more detail on how make each of these?

    2 replies

    Yes a real 'ible please!

    thanks alot zazenergy, im slowly getting up instructables for these, i have 1 for one knife already.

    you need better steel man...try old lawnmower blades, worn out files, car springs (leaf or coil) etc. basically that and heat treating them will make your knives 100% better

    1 reply

    im just a kid, and i used old circular saw blades on 2 of them and they are sharp.
    2 other ones were made when i was like 10, out of scrap metal. I think these are pretty good for being made by a kid. i will try different things though. Thanks

    Thank you, I enjoyed looking at your improvised knives. I love this stuff!

    1 reply

    oh anytime, i will probably have some more very soon

    when you turn the sharpies around, can you put the knife in your shirt pocket without cutting your pocket? if so then that is really stealthy! Nice, but we need some directions how to step-by-step make this sharpie thingy! Yes? Get on it dude!

    1 reply

    yes you can put it in your pocket. I havent had any time recently tho. I have been gone for 2 weeks on a vacation. I will get one up at some time though

    hahaha what do you mean you've seen one of those before?

    no i was just say kinda random like the clothespin one. I do like the sharpie on cause you can just clip it to your pocket and it would look normal

    ya its pretty cool some guy on youtube did it first though

    dude thts exactly what i did with my switchcomb
    is ur blade a tight fit or does it wiggle alittle??