My homemade motor bike!

This is a video of my home made friction drive motor bike.  Me and my dad built this as a week end project.  We had many setbacks such as how to mount the engine and where to put the throttle.  The Home-light weed-whacker engine is mounted to the bike with 2 angle iron brackets.  The drive shaft coming out of the engine, onto the tire is a 3/4" socket.  You start the engine by pedaling the motorbike.  Because of the brackets holding the engine against the tire it is always in gear.  Its top speed is 20mph.  The bike also has a brake light which is activated by a momentary push button switch and powered by 2 9v  batteries in the center compartment. (see picture)

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Bio: My favorite inventor is Nicola Tesla. I love to invent and hack my stuff. I am currently experimenting with LENR technology
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