Finally my instructions arrived.This IS my first instructable so plz be nice. it fires about 10 ft or more.

Step 1: Step One the Butt

Sorry if my instructions are not that clear but its beacause i am new to instructables.
1.build the first pic (not including the top extra green bits) twice.
2.The second pic might help you.

Step 2: Ammo

You must be dumb not to get this step done right

Step 3: Trigger System

Build one of the pictures because they are all the same.

Step 4: Now the Hard Part Unfortunately

Thanks to my bad camera this will be a bit tricky.
once again build one of the pictures.

Step 5: Voila Finished

Now finally put it together.
comfy butt?
Yes very comfy indeed
funny sounding but you are right, it is comfy.
Has anyone actually built this?
<em>This IS my first instructable so plz be nice</em><br/><br/>FAIL, at least try to use proper spelling when begging for mercy.<br/><br/>On a more related note, the instructions aren't that bad at all =D<br/>
why can I see this shooting farther than you say it can?
10 feet!:D

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