I got more pieces so i might redo this cuz i think i make it betterer
I like V3 5*
try A2 the A4 is the m-4
 i broke my neck trying to see the sights XD
lol, did you see my new one, its way better<br />
&nbsp;yes its awesome
It's okay, but I don't like it personally.<br />
that was back when i didnt have many pieces, so looks were limited<br />
I like it.
Motaboi's M4 is so much better.
but thats a m4 this an m16...<br />
Not to be nit-picky, but you call it an M16A4 but show a real M16A2.
honestly, does it matter?<br />
No, it really doesn't.
ok, so you understand my point<br />
The rail and mag are small but other than that good job 4/5
you should post it<br />
sorry, ran out of pieces<br />
thanks<br />
no problem!
this is good but the main body - magazine and handle could be better..<br /> <br /> and can i ask did you copy my front sights?<br /> <br /> they look exactly the same to the ones in my M4...<br /> <br /> lol thats ok tho...<br /> <br /> 4.5<br />
not really,&nbsp; i used a different method wiich included tape to keep it centere, but was based on urs cuz i was thinking of that but never thought of half a hinge. thenks though,<br /> P.S. i ran out of yellows, so yea, coulda done better with more pieces :(<br /> i needs pieces. somebody donate or sell cheaply<br />
lol so basically its mine with tape... lol k <br />
not quite, a half hinge with tan clip locked in the center of one orange connected<br /> look carefully<br />
This is GREAT!!!!<br /> 5 stars
even though i get 4.0 or higher, it might take like a week before i post cuz i need to do school s***. and i have to mod as well cuz its not working right when i load, so yea, wen i get a chance, ill mod, and post nex pics.<br />
its alright bro. just take your time. this is great as it is, it's worth the wait :)
new*<br />
thanks.<br />

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