This is my knex arsenal, there are 9 guns in it , none of them shoot, they are all models. comment, rate and subscribe. I am currently working on a sniper rifle that I might post but comment on the guns if you want me to post them.
What is the gun in pic 2 I forget?
<p>nice p90</p>
Also I like the usp45
I like the p90
great:) 5*
Nice P90!
Do you still have the ppsh-41?
no, these were broken up ages ago
dont really look like the real things
this was ages ago and most of them arent mine anyway
thanks. <br>
thanks <br>
lol the rocket launcher is ace
can u post the pistol?
i really like the mp40!
It was made by trauts.
You could have done alot better, most of these guns have been made before better than this, and they can shoot.
DUDE seriously build KGBs P90 from the pics, if you want looks. How did you get trauts gun to work without the upper receiver? Does TDs Micro Uzi shoot? Nice scope on the sniper, there have been better ones though. Build Barrax AK if you want a good looking one. Try filling in the barrel of the R launcher, and making the insides smooth.

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