This is my break action knex shotgun. It is a double barrel break action that shoots two blue rods with one grey connector on each.yay 2.0 is posted(pictures 1-5 is 2.0 and the rest are 1.0) At one time I made one that used one big shell that was the length of a grey rod. Sadly though that is long gone.
It says lol in the little box, lol
lol how did you figure that out
i think on his phone
Its a really old gun,if I was to post one of my shotguns it would probably be the tactical shotgun.
what kind? break action?
instructions please?? <br>
maybe some day,I dont have very much time to do anything due to school.
I like it. Definitely has the makings for a good gun.
Should i post my knex model of an airsoft mp5
it looks like Seleziona's Break Action Rifle<br>see
I like Johnhall44's more because it is much smaller and simpler.
Thing is, most of seleziona's gun is filler that isn't really necessary at all, the fake barrel in front of the break for example. In fact, both of them could function without everything in front of the break in the barrel. The only break action I've seen that 100% requires the break action is S0lekill3r's shotgun.
I know that both are mostly filler, but this one looks better and has a lot less filler on it.
wow i guess it kinda does
should i post 2.0 and make instructions?
lol right after i posted this gun i made 2.0
not bad, and in picture 3: you can't annoy me, the box says lol
Not bad at all!
That looks cool.
Looks quite nice! =D

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Bio: My names John,I've been building with knex for 5 years And am currently working on a lever action tube fed shotgun =D
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