My Knex Inventory




Introduction: My Knex Inventory

My knex inventory- This is not ALL of it, I still have around 1k more of knex used for some guns.



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    This is mine-- about how many lbs do you think it is all together?


    How do you get so much?

    You better gimme some, all my guns are made from the same pieces, im so limited T^T

    70 pounds!!!!!!! :O

    yep i have a NAR tr8 made by baken and a tr18 with one of bakens stocks a coaster and my liberator and BBKWG and a decent pile left

    I have 2blue boxes 4 yellow boxes 2green boxes 2blue tubs 1 big ball machine factory box abd one non-knex box witch is the same size of a blue box

    not bad i have... 2 diff green tubs, a blue tub, trekker set, truck thing set, bike set, motor pack, pull cord motor set thingy, SS set, cyber knex set, a few diff robot sets and thats all i can think of right now but i have more

     i got around 45 pounds but like u i need drawers