My knex inventory- This is not ALL of it, I still have around 1k more of knex used for some guns.
This is mine-- about how many lbs do you think it is all together?
How do you get so much?
You better gimme some, all my guns are made from the same pieces, im so limited T^T
i have around 70 lbs but like shadowman i need drawers =P<br />
70 pounds!!!!!!! :O
yep i have a NAR tr8 made by baken and a tr18 with one of bakens stocks a coaster and my liberator and BBKWG and a decent pile left
I have 2blue boxes 4 yellow boxes 2green boxes 2blue tubs 1 big ball machine factory box abd one non-knex box witch is the same size of a blue box
not bad i have... 2 diff green tubs, a blue tub, trekker set, truck thing set, bike set, motor pack, pull cord motor set thingy, SS set, cyber knex set, a few diff robot sets and thats all i can think of right now but i have more
&nbsp;i got around 45 pounds but like u i need drawers
lol<br />
&nbsp;tell me about it lol
i have some drawrs but there not enough<br />
i only have about 6lbs =(
took me a few years to get all 70 lbs
Amazon.com is having a sale, 3 really larger drawers for $15. I bought 6. Walmart, Target and Kmart just finished their sale on 3 medium drawers for $10. I too is still looking for drawers so i can fit my 105+ pounds of knex into it.
To both of you, I recomment buying surplus ammo cans. Stackable, sturdy and you can move them easily to get at their plasticy innards.
Where did you get all that knex?
thats about 3k more than my inventory:D
wow dude, u have an endless supply dont you? lol
JEZUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!! i dont have that much knex &nbsp;and in my country we dont have (a) craigslist! :(
I didnt buy any of this from craigslist
are you selling any of these knex
i hope so hahahaha
No im not :-)
argh pity xD :P
do an inventory on your gun<br />
<p>What do you mean?</p>
like show all your gun and other stuff<br />
I cannot be bothered right now because where I am it is 23:17pm so I will just list them for now.<br /> <br /> I have: <ul> <li>The Ump-45</li> <li>Hell slayer</li> <li>Logic bow</li> <li>El diablo assault pistol</li> </ul>
do you have turreted Logic Bow or just singled?
Singled, I find it more easier and cooler.<br /> <br />
It's just easier not 'more easier'<br /> <br /> <br /> Gramar police!
Fail.<br /> Gra<strong>mm</strong>ar not gra<strong>m</strong>ar.<br /> <br />
That was most likely a typo.
LOL!<br /> <br />
ok, see if you can mod the other parts to the ultra verson, it is much better then. I like singled too.
well that works too<br />
ummm<br /> <br /> this really doesnt help for someone like me<br /> (looks at own knex)<br /> <br /> i mgiht buy a load of knex of ebay though<br /> <br />
LOL at dj radio pillow&nbsp;(or whatever it is)<br />
yo are u selling cuz u can be rich lol
you lucky sons of a guns.I have only like 3 pounds of knex. :(
If you're lucky you can build a heavy cannon v5 with all that. I believe they are 3-4 pounds each. Although you'll have to be really lucky.
Heavy cannon? probably not...
Well you can build some good stuff with it. Or you can get 20$ and buy like 30 pounds of it.
&nbsp;What? 20$ for 30 lbs? I only find like 20$ for like 7 lbs... where do u find it?
Yep. I got it on craigslist. I had to drive/wait in the car for an hour to get there though. But it had the solar panel set and all the other stuff and for $20!&nbsp;It also came with a container that is one of those big ones. Although it takes a while for a good deal to come (especially one that's near you house) but it's very rewarding, check it out!
lol thats nothing i only had some radom knex and 1 tub then i got another tub then a ebay bid of 15 lbs then a knex dragstor and truck then 20 lbs of knex and then 16 more lbs.&nbsp; be glad you have that when i started i could hardly make anyting<br />

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