My Knex Rifle/shotgun




Introduction: My Knex Rifle/shotgun

Hey guys, this is a knex rifle/shotgun. It is unfinished but i thought id give you a little sneak peak. This is even my first slideshow on instructables lol! Hope you like it and enjoy!!!



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    Ahem. I would like to just point out that it can not be a rifle/ shotgun but a rifle OR a shot gun. There are four basic differences between rifles and shotguns.

    RifleShotgunGrooved Bore
    Single Projectile
    Long Range
    Front & Rear SightsSmooth Bore
    Multiple Projectiles
    Short Range
    Front Sight OnlyThese differences determine the specific uses of each of these firearms. Rifles are designed for accuracy to hit a precise point. Shotguns are designed to shoot a spread of shot at moving targets.

    i think it needs more imagination i am not beng mean

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    You bet I did!, that's what copying and pasting random facts from the internet can do for ya!

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    THIS IS AWESOME MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why the heck did I say that?

    Im also gonna work on a 2 month project making a replica gun out of wood with a magazine and all the bits possible*if my dad lets me use his angle grinder and saws lol*. I was thinking of a sniper rifle of some sort to replicate. Anyone got any ideas wether what the gun replica should be?

    here is what the mech was supposed to be. YOu pull the trigger back to lock the blocker in *half of the mechs block trigger*. then when its secure, you pull the trigger to release the block to let the rod fire the shells.*lol shells*. BUt it didnt work out so well so i thought bugger it ill work on something bigger lol

    lmfao i broke it up now, it wasn't working out, it was too flimsy. IM gonna get some more knex soon , i tried building the sr-v1 but only got to the handle lmfao. Im working on a cool sniper idea and i was wandering if you guys could post any ideas of mechs for guns with low pieces? that would be cool! oh and thanks for the comments as this is my first slideshow!



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