My Knex Rifle/shotgun




Introduction: My Knex Rifle/shotgun

Hey guys, this is a knex rifle/shotgun. It is unfinished but i thought id give you a little sneak peak. This is even my first slideshow on instructables lol! Hope you like it and enjoy!!!



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    Ahem. I would like to just point out that it can not be a rifle/ shotgun but a rifle OR a shot gun. There are four basic differences between rifles and shotguns.

    RifleShotgunGrooved Bore
    Single Projectile
    Long Range
    Front & Rear SightsSmooth Bore
    Multiple Projectiles
    Short Range
    Front Sight OnlyThese differences determine the specific uses of each of these firearms. Rifles are designed for accuracy to hit a precise point. Shotguns are designed to shoot a spread of shot at moving targets.

    i think it needs more imagination i am not beng mean

     Thats what she sa... Ah forget it.

    Should have saved it or a more appropriate time, could have been better used.  lol anyway for trying ^^

    You bet I did!, that's what copying and pasting random facts from the internet can do for ya!

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    We can ride that cracks in glass to wherever we need to go?

    Yes, I will make millions on this, hehehe.