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Introduction: My Knex Sword

About: I love to build with knex. I always am buying them or building with them.

This is my version of a knex sword. It alos can attach to your belt and has a case. Hope you like it.



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    cool, except I don't have enough white connectors

    I will tell you how to make this from the pics shown build that top layer then make a double of it. if you notice the purple one way and blue circle things in the handle the middle layer doesn't have them . Take green rods and put a bit of tape on them then put te pieces together. Make sure the middle piece has no purple/gray connector one way. Then you should be able to make the case from pics if you want me to make a real ible about this tell me and I might. Sorry for ba spelling and stuff but I wrote this on my iPod and was in a hurry