My Lazy Way in Replacing a Button





Introduction: My Lazy Way in Replacing a Button

This is my own lazy way of replacing a button that has fallen off with a more interesting one.  Enjoy the videos.

Video one (click) on YouTube
Video two (click) on YouTube

Thanks, and post suggestions, improvements, and or other ideas.

Manny V.



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    Yes, ok, that's fine......but, really can do it, it is true, but ...would you really go out to the street using that button?, not I.

    Would you do it if it were a gold coin? :D

    Even less !! :)

    This is pretty cool man! I've got a couple old pair of pants that would and will benefit from that tutorial. Thanks!

    Thanks deluges! I am glad to hear that you got an idea from this Instructable :)

    I've replaced buttons with pennies myself. But I drilled holes in the pennies like buttons have and sewed them on. I guess that is the work way? I can't even buy a piece of bubble gum for a penny today so I figure making a button out of one is pretty good value for the money these days.

    Yes, I hear you pfred2! A penny doesn't get you no where these days. But they do fine jobs as buttons! :)