My Lego Animation





Introduction: My Lego Animation

I have said that i do stop motion animation, i am merely proving my point with this. more to come if you like it.
and this IS my first one...



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    le video is private :/

    HOLY CRAP! the second video next to this "Alien - Extended Chestburster" is really creepy.

    i once did a whole english video project in lego stop motion. it turned out surprisingly well.

    Is that a head crab? Hehe, pretty cool. I did a couple of these once.

    nah, but it sure looks like one, doesnt it. its actually a facehugger from the "alien" series, and the worm thing is a chestburster

    pretty good! It's hard to organize so many pictures huh? thats really the only bad part of stop-motion...lots and lots of pictures and when you have about 300 it sounds like a lot but it only lasts about a minute. Keep it up and have patience and yo will be able to make some good quality and lengthy animations

    its 15 frames per second which in 300 frames would be 20 seconds, o its harder than you think :D

    but if it were that wouldnt your video be smoother? I've done ones with only 300 frames total and lasted about a min. but was as smooth as if it were computer generated

    yes, it would be smoother, however, i cant change the framerate, i can only make it slower and faster