My Little Anakin Skywalker





Introduction: My Little Anakin Skywalker

My grandson (age 3) chose Anakin Skywalker for his Halloween costume this year and at first I was just going to make the hooded cape. I used a child's robe pattern but added a hood, made it longer and made the sleeves come to a point at the end. It seemed kind of incomplete somehow so I googled Anakin Skywalker and found this link with a pretty good closeup so I could make the rest of his outfit under the cape.

I used vinyl fabric and lots of velcro to make the over-vest, the sash, the shin guard/boots and the arm cover. Add in a black long-sleeved shirt, black pants and a light saber and he's ready to go. As you can see, it's pretty serious business saving the universe, but he was very thrilled.



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    well u know starwars happens to be one of my fav. movies
    sooo... thank`s, I guess.

    Wow!! he looks cool!

    nice costume! careful because your Anakin is gonna need a Darth Vader suit soon!

    It's a good costume I just think the kid look nothing like Annie.

    That's great!! He looks quite pleased with it. The vinyl work you did under the robe really makes the costume. My daughter is 3 and I make her costumes. How fun!!