My Little Anakin Skywalker





Introduction: My Little Anakin Skywalker

My grandson (age 3) chose Anakin Skywalker for his Halloween costume this year and at first I was just going to make the hooded cape. I used a child's robe pattern but added a hood, made it longer and made the sleeves come to a point at the end. It seemed kind of incomplete somehow so I googled Anakin Skywalker and found this link with a pretty good closeup so I could make the rest of his outfit under the cape.

I used vinyl fabric and lots of velcro to make the over-vest, the sash, the shin guard/boots and the arm cover. Add in a black long-sleeved shirt, black pants and a light saber and he's ready to go. As you can see, it's pretty serious business saving the universe, but he was very thrilled.



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    well u know starwars happens to be one of my fav. movies
    sooo... thank`s, I guess.

    nice costume! careful because your Anakin is gonna need a Darth Vader suit soon!

    That's great!! He looks quite pleased with it. The vinyl work you did under the robe really makes the costume. My daughter is 3 and I make her costumes. How fun!!