My Little Pony Face Paint. (Creepy)





Introduction: My Little Pony Face Paint. (Creepy)

This is kinda creepy.

Step 1: Outline

First take a while eyeliner and sketch out your design.

Step 2: Base

Then taking this metallic blue cover your face leaving the spot where the eyes are going clear.

Step 3: Eye Base

Using a NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk I'm going to fill in the eyes, then I set it with a transparent powder.

Step 4: Outline

Then taking a detail brush and black body paint I outlined the inside of the eyes. making a iris, pupil, and some shine 'dots'.

Step 5: Pink

Filling in the eye with pink eyeshadow then outline it with black body paint.

Step 6: More Eye Stuff

Filling in the pupil with black, and going over the pink eyeshadow with pink body paint.

Step 7: Shine

Filling in the shine with white body paint then repeat on the other eye.

Step 8: Detail

Using white body paint I added lines into the pink, then using dark blue paint and black paint I added the nose and mouth.



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    Kinda creepy? Even pinkamena Dianne pie would be scared

    Imagine waking up and that is the first thing you see. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    Also very cool. Nice Rainbow Darsh (purposely misspelled) wig/facepaint.

    hahaha. yeah! =P Thanks. ^^

    Fantastic and creepy!

    My face when I saw the thumbnail
    (although it might look better if we were ponies)