Hi everybody!

Here are a few pictures of my last project. A very small bartop arcade machine. If there is enuf interest I will make an instructable of how I made it.

I'm making a blog of how I made this mini arcade. Feel free to visit if you interested in making one yourself, or if you're curious of how I made it.  
Awesome! I love PAC-MAN games!
Great job, inspired my own build, but I'm having a problem trying to find a company that does I would be able to get the side vinyls made through. Any Advice?
Hey Newtonn I am extremely interested in building this cabinet but became quite confused when you talked about the dimensions for it on your website. what do you mean Top 1 and Top 2? Also I do not see dimensions for the sides? And one last thing are your dimensions stated length times width or width times length? I would believe length times width but just want to double check. Thanks again and I love your work.
How much did the whole thing cost looks amazing. and i would love to make one, my computer wont let me on your blog so this is why i ask.
Thanks i found out that i was not clicking on the right thing so now i got on thanks again.
No problem!
Hi there! I had all the parts so I did no spend any money. I think you can do it for about &pound;15 or &pound;20 depending on the price of the LCD (all second hand of course)<br><br>May I ask what is the problem with the blog? You could not post a comment? There is a way to chat on my blog, if you need any more info I'll be on the blog chat for a bit.
awesome please make instructions for it
I'm making a <a href="http://www.newtonn2.com">blog</a> of how I made this mini arcade. Feel free to visit if you interested in making one yourself, or if you're curious of how I made it.
how nice project! please make instructions
Yes, it would be cool to have the 'ible - there's lots of people with a bar at home and this would be a great addition!
Make one!
that is awesome i would love to see a instructable
Would like to see an instructable.
Yes please make an instructable
Yep interest is here that's for sure! Go man go!
Yes please: make an instructable!!!
I was going to say.. is the not joystick/button a bit oversized? <br>Then I saw the size of the machine.. lmao :)<br>It look so cool!
aww that's a cute little machine! I too am a fan of desktop size gambling machines.
hell yea make an ible for it :3

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