This is a book made ​​of post-it and a beautiful image of the sea. Ideal with your mini pencil.

Step 1: First Step

measure the little post-it and mark it in four squares.
cut the squares and do the same with the sea image (can be the image you want, now I feel seafaring)

Step 2: Next Step

paste all the little sheet of the book and the cover.

Step 3: Making Little Holes

use a base  to stop the pin or the punchholes-maker. (I use foam packaging.)
make little holes in the notebook

Step 4: Insert the Spring

insert the spring. (it was a spring that had a pencil in disuse)
and that s all!

If you want it, you can use it with the mini pencil.

you can give to your favorite playmobil
Cool notebook. You should put the picture of the playmobil character with the book first in the intro, it is a really cute picture.

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Bio: My name is Carolina Hunrichse, im an art teacher. I also make paper mache
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