My Mods to TheDunkis Ak47





Introduction: My Mods to TheDunkis Ak47

this is the dunkis ak47 that i could not post due to the computer so im hoping u guys could try getting it off of this



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    Yo ppl im bak with my commernt  down  there. any ive still got this gun but ive modded it . ive got a . aov scope and ive wrapped it in masken tape and painted it green ( camoflatge mod ) an its a beast . thans a lots man :)

    People i made this gun and itss sikk but i cant make the mag i think its a little to big for the gun can any one make a removerble mag

    its a amazing but but it need a true trigger o.O

    best ak on this site ***** sweet

    You put another grip on, and a big silencer type thing that looks as if it will hopelessly bend the front of the barrel.

    nothing bends its the same thing except the silencer isnt very good its just somthing i made quickly

    Ok, but why post it, it doesn't add much to the gun? And why the extra grip on the bottom of the other one?

    yeah, and the grip looks like you'll be trying to hold it with the mag in the way.