My need for a pull out tray/shelf for my media cabinet.

Picture of My need for a pull out tray/shelf for my media cabinet.
My media cabinet has a minor design flaw, it doesn't store my DVD and video games very well.  Now part of the issue is my cat likes to hid in the back on the upper tray, to which then the dog smells the cat and thinks the cat must always be "currently located just behind these plastic boxes".

So I need some sort of pull out tray for the DVD and game cases.

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Step 1: Clear out the work space.

Picture of Clear out the work space.
Cleared out the upper shelf, dog making sure the Evil Cat is not currently in there.  My dog's security efficiency is on par with the TSA, this inspection takes about 15 minutes to find no Evil Cat.

Step 2: Sizing up the space.

Picture of Sizing up the space.
20" deep and just over 37.5" wide of an opening.

Step 3: Hot steamy sliding action.

Picture of Hot steamy sliding action.
I purchased these a pair of these at my local Home Depot, they cost  less than $20.  They come with 12 screws, I'd suggest picking up a little bag of #6 X 1/2 screws as well.  The more points you mount the hardware, the less likely something is to pull apart.  

I went with the 16" length set, kind of wish I got the 18" but they were out of stock.  Oh well.

Step 4:

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I put down some tape on the edges of the shelf and found the center.  I double checked my center mark by measuring from the left side of the opening and right side of the opening to make sure both measurements were the same to the middle mark.  Then I took my square and marked out 10" away from the center point.

I placed the sliders down and made sure everything looked good.

Step 5:

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I removed the upper section of the slider so I could get to the all of the screw mount holes.  I used a smaller square to held make sure everything would line up nicely.  I took a pick and made dimples in the wood where I wanted the screws to go and was able to drive the screw in my hand without issue.
lemonie5 years ago
That's a useful job, I can see the benefit. Very nice.