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This is my nerf ak47 with scope

read the whole tutioral before completing
do this with adult supervision or dont do it

Step 1: Step 2

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First of all these are all the pieces

Step 2:

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first of all the clip

What i did was get an old train track piece and cut it to the size i wanted
Then I put 3 layers of tape over it( duck tape, masking tape then clear tape)
afterwoods i hot glued it to the clip

Step 3:

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next using a cardboard box i cut a right angled triangle with measurments
Then i used the 3 layers of tape again
then taped it to the back part of the gun

Step 4:

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Finaly the front of the gun,
First you remove all the nails and take it apart
inside youll see an orange tube, you take that out and put it back together

Next when you screw it back slide the orange dont put back that little orange thing.

Step 5:

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Now you slide the tube through the hole but youll realize it wont fit so ypu might want to sand it down to help it fit or use a drill to make the hole bigger

And there you go a finished nerf ak47
its your choise to paint or not


gentoo47 (author)2011-09-14


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Bio: I love ps3(cod6) and nerf guns
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