Introduction: TR8v1

early prototype changes have been made since



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    Its been forever since i signed in on here! Im glad to see your still building, iv been sort of thinking of picking up some new sets off ebay and getting back into the gun scene. Its so hard to when you got college on the go at the same time. Ill see you guys around.

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    i completely understand! good to here from you man im on an off just depends on whats going on these days lol
    hope to cya around here soon!


    Hey KILLERK, I made a TR8 and it is the BEST ram-gun ever next to my TCR Mk5, but it does not look quite like your version =( But its not too far off =D

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    No problem =D I will be posting it today =D

    instructions plez

    can it be made with less light grey connectors?

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    yeah im sure u could mod it up a bit i just did it for the sake of structural integrity

    When will the next mods be out?

    lol im modding it all the time if u check on my TR18 page u can find em

    under my TR18 ibles or my Mods Mods Mods forum topic i just posted in which i have a slight mod change i need to post asap

    I expected something a lot different from this, but I built it and it's pretty darn cool. The handle isn't particularly comfortable, and the stock could use some improvement as well. But in the end it's a K'nexsayer which uses a helluva lot less pieces, performs the same or better and is much simpler. ( The pump was annoying on the K'nexsayer )

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    happy to hear u like it if u want my BRv2 is even sweeter if u have enough pieces to built the turret

    Can you give me a link for the brv2?