My New Browning Machine Gun

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Introduction: My New Browning Machine Gun

Yet another chain gun but my cats is based off a stationary gun. PS he is mad he will enslave the human race.

This is my first gun by the way so please rate 5*.


*Fully automatic!!
*Awesome l@@ks


*Way to many pieces.

Step 1: Ammo

Build as many as you like more the merrier and the more you have the better chance you have to oppose my mad cat!

Step 2: Handle

Just the Handle with the shooting system. Sorry if there's any complication.

Step 3: Fake Barrel

The barrel might be a little hard. They might be out of order. I'm really sorry about that. Though they are not that hard to make, just time consuming.

Step 4: Stander Thing

Just the stander thing to hold the thing up.

Step 5: Putting It Together

Just follow the images.

Step 6: Loading and Shooting

Video will come soon!



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    haha cat is probably thinking "I WANTED 50 CALIBER NOT 75 TAKE IT BACK U FOOL!!!" haha lol

    i thought the browning was 30cal

    Actually the gun in the picture is the .50 cal heavy machine gun (HMG). The browning light machine gun (LMG) and the browing 1911 Heavy machine gun (HMG) are both .30 cal. The .50 call was developed to deal with the first german tanks in WW1

    How can you tell? It honestly doesnt look like any of those, and it certainly isn't the right dimensions. I'd just leave it at being a browning inspired knex machine gun, and be happy that the guy has a project to be proud of

    oh thanks so the 50 cal was used as an anti tank gun

     In World War one the .50 cal was used as a anti tank machine gun, but during later wars (WW2, Korea, Vietnam) and even now it is used as a heavy anti infantry machine gun because a hit with the bullet is almost guaranteed to make the person who was hit with the bullet go down and stay down.

    idk the speciifics i was just throwin random calibers out there

    A .75 has a bore diameter of 1.1 inches, if a cat (or even a bear) could take the recoil of one of those and survive with no damage to itself, I would be more than impressed.

    3 years later, you probably know this, and I doubt you'll even read this message, but 75 cal is 0.75 inches, or 750 thousands of an inch. And it's not caliber that tells you how hard the kick will be, you need to look at the powder charge(type and density), case shape, and bullet weight. A .338 lapua round kicks a lot worse than a 72 cal slug