Credits to oblivitus for the adjustable range rifle and non-interlocking rods ideas.
So yeah, these are my newest guns. They are both very powerful. The 1st gun is a crossbow sniper on thetop, and a pin gun on the bottom. The pin gun has a yellow rod, 12 shot, non interlocking, internally fed , fixed mag. It also has a true trigger, and a pin guide. I call it the Mag-Bow. Second gun is a shotgun pistol.
5* post mag bow please<br>
Dude, the magbow is awesome,post that beast instead. 5*<br />
what's a non interlocking rod?<br />
Its when the rods dont lock into eachother. Like a bolt action, except without the second firing chamber.
Mind telling us how that doesn't happen?&nbsp; Because it's happened on pretty much almost any mag fed gun&nbsp;I've made.<br />
They enter the mag tilted, and the mag is tight, so they cant be straight. the pusher applys&nbsp;pressure in just the right place so only one round enters the chamber at a time.
That doesn't make sense.&nbsp; The mag on your gun is perfectly vertical.&nbsp; The pusher part seems logical if you use a wide mag pusher like on the ZKAR.<br />
The front and rear mag walls are closer together than the length of a yellow rod, so they won't fit in the mag unless they are tilted, I believe.
In that case, no. &nbsp;If you tilt the round, you are actually making it wider than if it was horizontal in a position where it's likely to lock.<br />
<p>I happen to agree this isn't the best mechanism, I was just clarifying what he meant for you :).</p>
Ok.&nbsp;&nbsp;I was just pointing out the fallacy in the idea.<br />
Agreed.&nbsp; Have you seen my attempt at a bolt action?&nbsp; I don't think It's come up on the Recent page yet, but if you go to my profile it should be there.
I created the idea, you can find a drawing of it on Knex Concepts. It's item A5. <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Concepts/step1/Ammo-Feeding/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Concepts/step1/Ammo-Feeding/</a><br />
Where the grooves in the rods in the mag catch on the grooves of the ram rod.
are you gonna be posting the mag-bow?<br /> <br />
Yeah. in about a month.
Magbow looks interesting.
POST THE MAG BOW!!!!<br /> It's epic!!
mag bow is epic! 5*<br />
Me want mag-bow!!!!<br />
Great job, I'll add this to my group. 5 stars as I promised on my <em>Knex Concepts</em> instructable.<br />
FIRST!<br />
You like?
mag bow, yes<br />

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