My New Knex M1 Garand




Introduction: My New Knex M1 Garand

this is my 6th slideshow so I hope you like it



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Post i would like to give it a try

and if you do post can you also say how many of each piece is required ive done some Guns and ended up scrapping them for lack of certain pieces


POST POST POST! i want to mod it to make it better, and i want to make the kit that the real garand could have! Bayonet, Rifle Grenade, SniperScope, Flash Hider and an added strap.

COD freak alert! Actually, funny thing about the rifle grenade...

Where did freak come from? i don't call them rifle grenades now. they are noob tubes. Anyway, the CoD race is a very sensetive being that consists of me, and a few other close PS3 buddies...

Not "freak", it's an American term for "lover" of something. LOL! Noob tubes...

Yeah. I'm not american I don't see most of their terms....

I know, you're British.


Why lucky? I, mean, I agree with you in all respects, but why do you think we are lucky to be brits!

join the club, im british too, i live in scotland