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Introduction: My New(ish) Pistol

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originally made 3-4 months ago, this pistol has been continuously upgraded until it reached its final stage today.

It won't fire oodammo as there are far too many good pistols that do and I wanted to make something different.

I suppose the orange connectors on top could

Pictures below should be cdomprehensive enough to build the gun. I included internals of the trigger and bullet lock.

use #62 bands they're shorter and work better than #64's on this gun

you're welcome.



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    Man, that gun looks AMAZING!

    how'd it work out for you (I like my handle cos it fits my hands well)

    Culling Of Stratholme?

    Very nice. Might mod it so it has some sort of NAR mech. (Not that its powerful already!)

    I found this under
    Does this mean its a magic pistol?
    Does it shoot fire? (That would be Zuko.)
    Can it airbend? (Sorry, that would be Aang.)
    Does it fart? (oh, wait thats normal.)
    Can it read your mind?(Sorry, just testing my 20 questions game out)
    Can it solve a Rubik's Cube? (If so, how fast?)
    Does it like turtles? (I know I do.)
    Do you like waffles? (Yeah, I like waffles.)
    Does it live in Narnia? (Cool movie, Huh?)
    Does it eat Justin Bieber? ( What about Rebecca Black?)
    Other than that pretty good.

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    um i found this in magic this isnt soposed to be here it should be in knex


    Nice. The handle looks a bit too straight , but that's my opinion. It could be the way you photographed it. 5* though :)

    didn't think I ever left, I just went inactive for awhile