My long waitted Own Electronics Workbench!!!
Sorry for my bad english...Obviosly not my natural languaje.
Nicely done! Saving the earth one pallet at a time! Re-purposing is what instructables are all about! (IMHO)
Very nice, now all you have to do is make a boat! Jk, but this is an awesome idea due to the low price and high productivity!
Thanks for your nice comments !!!<br><br>
i did something similar with this, i installed a pair of brackets on the wall, and installed two legs on the pallet. Then put the pallet above and that's it. I'm on the way of putting two drawers with a piece of wood (another leg in the middle)<br><br>good idea though
Great inspiration! Had a couple old pallets I didn't know what to do with! I'll post a pic for ya as soon as I figure out how haha
Good job using things at hand. Dont apologize for your english, most of us have a hard time with it.

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