One of my daughter was studying dinosaurs and ... I thought to build a skull with her.
And this is the process and the result.

(Sorry by my English... I hope that you understand the steps).

Step 1: Search the Side Face

I search on the web for nice a big side face of Triceratops's skull.
I selected this dinosaur because it is very easy to recognize by the kids... and it looks not as complex as a T-Rex with a lot of teeths :-)

Expand the best view until the desired size.

I downladed other Triceratops views to get more details and complete the skull on last steps.
I love it!!!!!! Im going to make one with my dad! Thanks! AWESOME!!!
THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I am going to try to make something similar to "mount" on my classroom wall.
nicely done !
very creative
I'm trying this out of plain paper, a hair harder than I thought, lol.  The box I thought I had sadly has been thrown out, but I made a template of the skull that I thought I'd share with you and others to make your awesome 'able!
this is Great.
Holy cow this is cool, I may go make this right now I think I have a box to use! Nice 'able
Wow, that is fantastic! Your children are lucky to have you.
That's a great job.<br><br>Well done.

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