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Introduction: My Paintings

About: Im am artist, i make the best guns ever when im bored just check them. There insanely good!!!

Some of my paintings.



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    Your perspective is off on the trees going back in space in the first one. Other than that, great job! Your decision to use green for the mountain reflection works really well. I see your experimenting with a Van Gogh style, cool stuff. It really works in the second one. The treatment of the grass, to the trees, to the sky, has a great flow.

    Its Moraine Lake about 10 minutes from Lake Louise, or 60 minute drive from Banff In Alberta.(I used to live there)

    Those are brilliant! The first one reminds me of valhalla from Halo 3 :P

    Did you base them on any real places? I like the first one too :)

    Those are REALLY nice! I especially like the first one :) 5*