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Introduction: My Personal Apocalptic Bug Out Bag Set

About: Time for an update here lol, ik bout time. I'm a 21 year old twitch streamer and a member of the safe zone on twitch. I mainly stream alongside my lovely partner CasperWeasel93 and I love DIY, building mode...

This contains my personal set of bug out bags, enough for 2 to survive for a week.
Hope you enjoy.
P.S. I'm in a prepper group for the zombie apocalypse (for those who haven't viewed my other ibles)  and have a personal teammate, so I had to make a set for us to be able to survive a week together while we find the rest of our team.

Step 1: Bag #1

1. Batteries (pack of 9V, AAA, AA, etc)
2. Walkies (set of 2)
3. (2)torches [flashlights]

Step 2: Bag #2

1. Bottles of Water.
2. MRE's from tomsweet65 Link:
3. Salt packs.

Step 3: Bag #3

Main compartment:
1. Clothing (packed very tightly)
2nd Compartment:
1. Hats (for shade)
2. No rinse soap (it's self explanatory)

Step 4: I Hope That This Helps You Out.

Thank you so much for viewing.



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    Oh ok. But I would take a couple life straws and MRE's for the hike to the location.

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    Actually, we each have a Brita filter bottle, we cycle filters out every 4-8 weeks, we each have a small bag for food so we don't get hungry in case of detour. as well as multiple rendezvous points throughout each city. and HAM radios in each vehicle.

    avoid HAM radio, look for DPMR radios, same band as amateur but with an encrypted digital signal. If there is a true emergency I doubt there will be too many people checking to see what sort of radio you have . BTW most DPMR also do FM so there is some way to train.

    brita filter bottles, according to the label, are for town water not to be used as with dirty water. Hardly a survival item, more for people who don't like bottled water.

    and in addition, we have a bunker location up north a bit, its isolated, concealed, and easily defendable

    Well. Honestly this ible is very empty and needs improvement. No help whatsoever. Sorry

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    I have looked at them and we have been making them, and we have a nice stock pile going. we vaccum sealed em so they'd last a while longer too! ;)

    You Need probably a lot of luck.............

    but we also have multiple bug out locations that are isolated where no one will know we are there.

    I'm assuming you're carrying weaponry and such on your person then?

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    Yes we are. We also have forged weaponry that we have made that we will have additionally.

    a very very loooow budget.

    not when your on a budget.

    dude you should have and army backpack or called sac

    Do you have any photos of your bags? I need to put together something similar for emergencies.

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    truthfully... no because i forgot where i placed my cord for my camera sorry.