For Halloween I'm usually a pirate. This year I'm adding a prop component in the form of a ship's wheel. The Idea was to have a spinning ship's wheel attached to a harness of some kind.

I started this project with a few ideas of what I wanted and no idea how I was going to do it. In fact I didn't figure out most steps until it was time to do them. I also decided to make it primarily out of cardboard for two reasons:

First, I just happened to have a lot of cardboard laying around, making the project cheap,
Second, I am submitting this project for the gorilla glue cardboard contest.

Step 1: Materials and Tools:

For materials I gathered:

Large flat pieces of cardboard
One cardboard ring
One old used bearing
Spray paint and wood stain
1/4" Rope
Masking tape


Band saw
Hobby knife
Wood glue
Hot glue gun

TiffanyL1 - I got the cardboard ring from my work, it's the ring the palate strapping came on. Most places that ship palates just throw them away and would probably give them to you for free. If you make one post a pic in the comments for us to see!
<p>Great tuturial! Where do you find the cardboard rings? I am needing to make one of these for a photo booth prop so hopefully its something I can find locally. Thanks!</p>
On first glance I thought the wheel was made of wood or possibly foam but to find it is actually cardboard is truly amazing. Thanks for sharing.
Great Instructable and costume. I'm actually re-doing my room in a nautical theme and finding a ship's wheel in good condition is quite pricey. I&nbsp;will change things up a bit in the materials, but this gives me a great idea for making my own decor. Thanks!<br />
Ha ha! Now you can go up to people, and when they ask why you have a steering wheel in front of your belt you can say: "I don't know, but its driving me' nuts!" ba-dum kshhh!
hahahahahahaha.. argh I like the rope wrap. good job
Beat me to it :( But still worth the laugh :)
I was going to say that.
Nice job, matey!
Arghhh!!!! Give me all your candy or walk the plank!
Amazing creativity, great instructable...hope you do more! Cman

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