Picture of My prototype folding camp saw.

This my version of a folding camp saw, used to cut fire wood or whatever, just don't cut yourself. See the saw used in a test cut video cutting a 3 1/2" walnut log. This is very hard wood and the saw worked very well.

Also see the video showing how to unfold and fold the saw. It took just over 2 minutes to unfold and refold the saw.

I'm not going to claim this idea for my self. I saw different versions of this on Youtube and on this site, this is just the way I did mine.

This saw weighed less than 12.5 oz. and about 20" long. That's small enough to easily fit into any pack. It weighs less than the garden saw that I started with, and it folds.

Again, this is a prototype. It's made of pine scraps that I had in the scrap bin. I plan to make a more durable one out of some walnut or cherry the I have on hand.

The only thing that I had to buy was the garden saw. It was cheaper to buy the whole saw than to buy just the blade online with shipping and everything.

dropkick2 years ago
I made a similar saw a few years ago out of aluminum angle iron (the L shaped stuff - bought at Home Depot along with the blade). I made mine to carry when hiking.
Mine is definitely not friendly to the hands, however I just wanted a lightweight saw I could carry for emergency use and it doesn't see much use. I like yours better though.
bcavaciuti2 years ago
nice saw i like the way it all packs away into a small bundle and the simple design means i would be able to build it from memory if i was lost somewhere with a broken saw and needed to survive :)...maybe the handle would be more comfy if you rounded it off :) then you don't get sore hands after prolonged use...though it could reduce the strength a bit
str8shter (author)  bcavaciuti2 years ago
Thanks for checking out my saw, glad you liked it. The corners of the handles are rounded off (see step 6). I tend to wear gloves so the handles are fine for me. as for the prolonged use thing, any prolonged use of a hand saw would be uncomfortable.
poppamies3 years ago
Very, VERY old desing, but glad you took it up again!
str8shter (author)  poppamies3 years ago
I never claimed this for my own DESING, (design). I claimed it as the way I decided to do it.

I'm very glad that someone liked the way I built my saw, and thank you for your comment.
granted that the basic saw design has been around for hundreds of years. Most of the saws of this design are not made to be broken down for travel or storage.

What I liked was how it was made to fold up and store compactly for travel purposes. I especially like the fact that the blade is covered when it is in travel mode.
str8shter (author)  Lorddrake3 years ago
I have at least one more mod, then going to make one from, I think walnut or cherry. I wish that I could find just the blades locally, so far, no joy.
not sure where in Ohio you are, but I know that the larger chain hardware stores like Lowes and Home Depot carry bow saw blades for around 5 bucks each.
str8shter (author)  Lorddrake3 years ago
Tried The Depot, no joy. Can't remember if I looked at Lowes or not. Kinda think so though.
grd3 years ago
I have quite a few drawstring bags made exactly the same way with the same material source. My oldest is over 20 years old, so they're pretty tough.
str8shter (author)  grd3 years ago
All thanks for the drawstring bag are to be given to Mrs. Str8shter. She did all the work on that part.
Lorddrake3 years ago
brilliant design.
str8shter (author)  Lorddrake3 years ago
Thank you, just another way to something that's been done several times.