My Caddy Shack BEAR





Introduction: My Caddy Shack BEAR

My husband brought home numerous skin patches from Beaver, elk and cow (hide)...I happen to have one of the Butterick teddy bears stuffed bear patterns and used it to develope my own flare to the instructional. You can purchase any pattern for stuffed animals sold at your local craft store.

Once you get the pattern, you have to trace and cut it out from cardboard (just for extra sturdiness on the skin (fur side down)). Cut out the traced pieces and follow the directions for placement.But don't forget to that the soles of the feet are to be made from a different style of leather (mine happened to be elk hide).

For the nose and eyes: once the bear is complete; cover three buttons with a tiny square peice of cow hide (mine was died black)and sew it on as you would any button. And your end result reminds me of the "Caddy Shack" gopher...what do you think?

My husband adores it and my kids think it's the funniest thing!!!!



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Could i possibly ask you to post the pattern that you used for the bear, that i may then try and make one of my own??