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Introduction: My Really Neat Cast

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Well, I broke my foot a couple of days ago, (nothing too serious, only a chip in the 5th metatarsal) and the black cast I got was really kinda boring. I go to my mom, because she's a pretty good artist, and she makes it look like my favorite brand of shoe, Converse. the laces are right off my shoe that I can't wear because the cast is in the way, and the holes are washers hot-glued to the cast. The rest is just acrylic paint and Sharpie on the patch.



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    Have you heard of Casttoo?

    I sent one to my cousin recently and she loved it!

    Check them out at


    great idea i wish i saw this when my leg was broken buy the way sweet job on the guitar! = )

    Nice work on the cast. I broke my 5th metatarsal last year at the end of Sept. and it was absolutely no fun. Hopefully you are fully recovered. Thanks for your comment on my first instructable as well.

    Yes it was about the worse pain I have felt .I did get the kids at sons school to sign by grade k-6 on different casts while that was cool not as cool as yours yours is a fashion statement an expression of you ...take care of it and LISTEN to your doc I didn't and think that is why I was in the cast for so long

    I chipped my femur right near my knee and a chunk of the bone was sticking into my MCL. That really hurt...

    what if this became a style....that would be interesting.... "now available, shoe casts, never have to take off your shoe's! " they would have hannah montana and all those hooligans up there trying to get something started with a result of EPIC FAIL. but i think that the doc's who do casts for broken bones should offer this... it might encourage kids to not be so scared or embarassed of getting a cast. Mine would say iDeffend. *Lulzzzz*

    I'm the dad and I think that the mom is the bomb and my boy is awesome also. I hope everyone has a great summer. See Ya

    Wow! Major kudos to your mom! My mom broke her ankle in January and kept telling her I was going bling hers up. Good luck healing, just don't get too wild in Florida and bring some powder to help the itching!

    Eh, 4 more weeks, but...... I'm going to Florida in 3, so I need to get a boot, which is a removable cast type thing.