video My second Stirling engine generator, produces around 50mw
This is a more reliable Stirling engine generator that I built. It has a graphite piston and a larger cooling tank, so it will run all day powering the radio. The displacer is steel wire wool. I haven't measured it properly yet, but I think that it's slightly more powerful than the first one I built. This one will just about run the radio on one candle, although it really struggles with the LED's using three candles. Photo's  and more information is available my site : http://www.scraptopower.co.uk
mattbomb5 years ago
this would be sweet if you had a fort in the middle of nowhere like a forest. and you had a wood stove you could power lights and a radio like here.
How practical would a wood-fire generator be? I could see that ideal situation to work flawlessly.
it would work to. like even all night if you had to
I could live that lifestyle. Pizza oven must be included though.
ya i think thats all i would be eating

You again! :) Thanks again for the videos and kits!

shoefly46723 years ago
would it be possible to make one from 55gal drums and 2" exhast pipe and on a smaller scale can a car piston work or does it have to be like steel wool
rstumph4 years ago
hey since your producing enough electricity could you put a eat plate instead of candals
ykumar44 years ago
so can u pls tell me how to built this step by step please.
wiinick4 years ago
why does it slow down, thats not right.
segarza4 years ago
Question...Does it matter what brand of beer can you use? Kidding. Nice job!
Imagine how much power you could produce from a 1 gallon paint can sized Sterling engine....that would be cool to see...hint hint
scraptopower (author)  segarza4 years ago
Well, I'll just have to conduct a comprehensive study of all brands of beer to be sure! Heheh

I do plan on trying out a coffee pot Stirling engine sometime!

celalboz5 years ago
now if you use a voltage quadrupler circuit , that will be 75ma and 24v and , voltage goes up so the ampere a little bit as well. regulate that 24v and charge a 12v sla ...yey. Great thanks
pfred2 celalboz4 years ago
ha ha very funny! Thanks for the laugh.
The3rdPunch4 years ago
maybe next time supersize it with a campfire and some large piping or barells
sahalja4 years ago
Very good job.. Thanks
rmooresr4 years ago
Very cool! For some reason, I have the Hogan's Hero's theme song running through my head now!
lemonie5 years ago

Very nice (good sound too)

The sound is crucial!
PKM5 years ago
Are you going to post this as an Instructable? I have a machined brass piston/cylinder combo thanks to steveastrouk's CNC lathe, but only bits and pieces of scarp bar/tube to make the rest, so I was imagining making a design something like yours. I'd be interested to see how you attached the power cylinder to the main cylinder to deal with airtightness and temperature issues.
scraptopower (author)  PKM5 years ago
I don't think I'll be doing an instructable on this, but it's identical to my stirling engine fan except for the following things:
  • Stronger bearings, I used M6 bolts cut down with a 2mm hole drilled in them]
  • Graphite power piston
  • Much taller to accommodate said piston.
  • Uses a 22mm pipe elbow to attach the piston
  • Steel flywheel from large beans tin
  • Big water tank
To attach the power piston, I used a 22mm pipe elbow superglued to the side of the can then sealed l all around it with RTV silicon , seems to be airtight. The piston cylinder fits in this and is sealed again with RTVAny air leaks would show up immediately because the cylinder is under water too :)

Sorry I missed your post for some reason.

rimar20005 years ago