My Second Stirling Engine Generator, Produces Around 50mw





Introduction: My Second Stirling Engine Generator, Produces Around 50mw

This is a more reliable Stirling engine generator that I built. It has a graphite piston and a larger cooling tank, so it will run all day powering the radio. The displacer is steel wire wool. I haven't measured it properly yet, but I think that it's slightly more powerful than the first one I built. This one will just about run the radio on one candle, although it really struggles with the LED's using three candles. Photo's  and more information is available my site :



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    this would be sweet if you had a fort in the middle of nowhere like a forest. and you had a wood stove you could power lights and a radio like here.

    How practical would a wood-fire generator be? I could see that ideal situation to work flawlessly.

    it would work to. like even all night if you had to

    I could live that lifestyle. Pizza oven must be included though.

    ya i think thats all i would be eating

    You again! :) Thanks again for the videos and kits!

    would it be possible to make one from 55gal drums and 2" exhast pipe and on a smaller scale can a car piston work or does it have to be like steel wool

    hey since your producing enough electricity could you put a eat plate instead of candals

    so can u pls tell me how to built this step by step please.

    why does it slow down, thats not right.