My Second Version of My Game, Controller Holder!





Introduction: My Second Version of My Game, Controller Holder!

About: Interests!

Version two of my first version I built. You can not build this unless you build the first one. Link is here:

I'm not responsible if you carry it by the any section and it falls and breaks ANYTHING AT ALL! Neither am I responsible if it breaks and it breaks your controller, games or anything else.

I'm very sure it wont break as long as you carry it how I recommend it and where I recommend it, so please follow my directions like a smart person would! Thank you! ~Helepilot

I would also like to add that I made a carrying handle that works very well and is pretty strong!

Things I have added:

2 more platforms for controllers!
New design!
A place you can put a cloth to clean your xbox stuff with!
A place for your headset!
Some more support!

Things I took off:

The locks! (You don't need those annoying...monstrosities anymore)

Step 1: Let Take Off Some Stuff on Th First Version!

Take off what I tell you to take off.

Step 2: Add This.


Step 3: Build This.

Simple, just build.

Step 4: Build This Too.


Step 5: Attach!

Attach like so.

Step 6: Good Job You Did It!




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     why do u have a xbox 360 controller with a a halo pic on it

    can"t follow your rules..........already did!!!


    I use it

    = boo =
    == boo ==
    '' ,, ,, ''boo'' ,, ,, ''

    hmmm...wireless ummm. Idk about that.

    I just made my own game/controller holder. The top part has double doors that fold over the games, and the bottom part has a sliding door and is the perfect size for guidebooks.

    what is it called


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    Too late with the step 6 warning, got one for wii?

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    LOL. I don't own a wii so....yeah.

    One tip of advice, When you are taking pictures side ways. Put them on the computer and then flip them so there stright up and down. It makes it alot easier then haveing to tilt our heads. But Job at this though.

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