My Second Version of My Game, Controller Holder!





Introduction: My Second Version of My Game, Controller Holder!

Version two of my first version I built. You can not build this unless you build the first one. Link is here:

I'm not responsible if you carry it by the any section and it falls and breaks ANYTHING AT ALL! Neither am I responsible if it breaks and it breaks your controller, games or anything else.

I'm very sure it wont break as long as you carry it how I recommend it and where I recommend it, so please follow my directions like a smart person would! Thank you! ~Helepilot

I would also like to add that I made a carrying handle that works very well and is pretty strong!

Things I have added:

2 more platforms for controllers!
New design!
A place you can put a cloth to clean your xbox stuff with!
A place for your headset!
Some more support!

Things I took off:

The locks! (You don't need those annoying...monstrosities anymore)

Step 1: Let Take Off Some Stuff on Th First Version!

Take off what I tell you to take off.

Step 2: Add This.


Step 3: Build This.

Simple, just build.

Step 4: Build This Too.


Step 5: Attach!

Attach like so.

Step 6: Good Job You Did It!




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     why do u have a xbox 360 controller with a a halo pic on it

    can"t follow your rules..........already did!!!


    I use it

    = boo =
    == boo ==
    '' ,, ,, ''boo'' ,, ,, ''

    I have a wireless mic =O No place to hang it =(

    hmmm...wireless ummm. Idk about that.

    I just made my own game/controller holder. The top part has double doors that fold over the games, and the bottom part has a sliding door and is the perfect size for guidebooks.