My Shotbow !!!!





Introduction: My Shotbow !!!!

About: i am 18 and very crazy

so here is a shot bow i made a while ago.
it is really simple
so here it is!!!!



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    OMG better pictures dude.

    but i like the shot bow and i am going to build it.

    i believe it is a mix of a shotgun and crossbow

    ok, thank you, pretty nice!

    most including mine but i dont think it needs to

    This is a great looking gun. I managed to build most of it from the pictures but I am modifying mine so that it is a pistol grip. I took the butt off the stock and moved the handle back where to the end of the stock. I'll post photos when I'm finished if anyone is interested.

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    id like to see it

    Okay! I have modified it a fair bit but I'll try and get some pics up soon :)

    Lol, you wernt the first person to have a gun like the hell slayer.

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    I dont even know why i wrote that! ill delete it

    OMG......... THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! 4* :).

    I like the simplicity and how this uses less parts than SK's shotbow.

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     But uses more than my hellslayer lol

    Because his has a stock while yours doesn't.

    ya that what i wanted it to be