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Introduction: My Spray Paintings

In my spare time i like to make paintings using spray paint.  these are a few of my paintings.  i hope you enjoy (:



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    thanks, its jason though btw ;)

    thanks for clearing that up i got mixed up

    thanks :D i've actually sold a couple. i'm waiting for it to get warmer so i can start doing them again

    That is so awesome! I few years ago, I bought a really awesome spray painting!

    Thanks, if you ever want to buy any of mine just let me know and ill send an email of the ones i have for sale

    Ok! so do you what do you use to make the art?

    Well it's all spray paint. but i use palette knives, magazine sheets, cups, and a few other things to get the shapes and textures

    Yeah! I thought that it was really cool that the person who made the one I bought using cups to make the shapes and everything!

    Yeah its pretty interesting. i've been thinking about making a small series on here on how to do it when it gets warmer outside, but i'm not sure yet

    Yes! You should! :D :D

    Lol well i'm convinced now. i'll probably start this spring :)

    Yay! I Will look forward to it!!!

    there was a spraybomb artist at a art fair I exhibited at last summer, its amazing how quickly an image can take shape useing ordinary objects as blocks and stencils. You have some very interesting pieces

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    yeah thats how i really got into it was seeing someone do it (although it wasn't live). thanks