My Sweet Back Patio





Introduction: My Sweet Back Patio

It all started out as a dream. My back yard was nasty when we moved to our new house and my family said it had to be fixed. The planning took about 2 months and a lot of paper (for drawings). When we finally got it finished in the summer of 09 (I know it's late to post it) my family knew we had really done something awesome. It was about $10,000 in expenses and approximately 1 year to build from drawing to finish. I wish I had taken pictures of it when it was is progress but I didn't even know that Instructables existed. This is just the wood fired pizza oven (no gas) and fireplace. As soon as the weather gets better I'll try to update it! Let me know how you feel about it!   



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    Can we see some pizza?

    Uhhhh. It's usually fired up when I have a party.

    Pizza oven :O

    It makes awesome pizza! Out on my back patio is where I take my pictures for my instructables!

    ooh! That is awesome!

    Yeah, the pizza we make is freakin delicious!

    And I bet the recipe is from an ible, right? huh? am i right?

    Actually, no. My dad is an awesome cook. He knows how to make a good pizza. Good guess though.